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Mitsubishi aims for ‘tenfold’ scale-up of carbon fibre recycling

Japan – Mitsubishi Chemical has revealed its intention to use recycled carbon fibres in the production of car parts in order to cultivate new business prospects.

Mitsubishi’s carbon fibre recycling activities will be overseen by its subsidiary Shinryo, which has already installed equipment at Mitsubishi Chemical’s Kurosaki plant on KyÅ«shÅ« Island in Japan. It is here that carbon fibres from the below-standard reinforced plastics rejected by Mitsubishi Chemical’s production bases will be processed.

The factory has the capacity to recover 50 to 100 tons of carbon fibre per year. The reinforced plastic will be heated as part of a vaporisation process to leave only the fibres behind.

Mitsubishi aims to increase the scale of the recycling process ‘tenfold’ once sales channels have been established and the business is running efficiently.

Down the line, the group hopes to recycle plastic scrap from other sources too.

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