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Lunch recycling challenge for Canadian schools

Schoolchildren across Canada are being encouraged to recycle the packaging from popular lunch snack brands to redeem cash for their school or charity.

Specialist recycler TerraCycle has launched 2019 Collection Craze recycling challenge in partnership with the Schneiders Lunch Mate and Maple Leaf Simply Lunch brands.

It runs for three months until the event of November and is part of the ongoing Schneiders Lunch Mate Recycling Program which is open to any individual, family, school or community group. Participating schools collect waste from their branded lunch kits including plastic film, content packaging and plastic trays and send them to TerraCycle. 

For each piece of packaging sent in using a pre-paid shipping label, participants earn points that can be translated into charitable prizes or cash donations to the school or charity of their choice. The total kitty is US$ 3 700 (EUR 3 350) in redeemable TerraCycle points.

Points mean prizes

During the Collection Craze contest period, students, teachers and their local community are encouraged to vote for their school of choice daily during the promotion timeline on the contest page. Each vote will earn one credit.

The contest will be judged based on the quantity of recycled packaging collected and the number of credits earned during the contest period. The top 10 schools will win a share of the fund in TerraCycle points. 

Making a difference

‘The Collection Craze offers schools a viable way to divert waste from landfills, engage their communities and be rewarded for their effort,’ explains Tom Szaky, TerraCycle founder and ceo. ‘By participating, students gain valuable knowledge about sustainability, how to make a difference within their school and community and how to protect the environment through recycling.’

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