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Loom or doom: a ‘ticking time bomb’

Global – Looming – the seemingly innocent hobby of making things from colourful rubber bands – is becoming a ‘growing problem’, claims WasteConnect. The ‘toy of the moment’ cannot be recycled and it’s only a matter of time before this ‘ticking time bomb’ goes off, according to the recycling consultants.

On the creative plus side, an 11-year-old girl has managed to fashion a dress from 25 000 loom bands while another loom outfit has attracted bids of £170 000 (US$ 285 000) on eBay – with the proceeds benefitting UK charity Cancer Research.

But looking to the downside, WasteConnect fears masses of these little silicone bands will end up in the consumer waste stream and thereby create a significant environmental problem. ′The bands simply can′t be recycled,′ the group warns. ′So when people get bored with them and the craze dies out, they will take up space and be thrown out.′

WasteConnect itself has ′no idea′ what should be done with them but is calling on experts to consider possible solutions.



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Source: Daily Mail

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