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London getting ready to focus on plastics recycling

The global plastics recycling market will see almost 6% growth in terms of revenue by 2023, according to new data by 360 Research Reports. Industry specialists will gather in London in March to discuss how the plastics sector will change in the next couple of years.

Clothing remains the largest application of recycled plastics (with market share of 30.81%) considering up to 80% of recycled polyethene (rPET) is used to produce fibre. Not least, the production of plastic products – especially packaging – continues to record strong growth.

The two-day Identiplast conference taking place in London from 7-8 March sets out to outline the biggest successes and challenges of the international plastics community.

Keynote speakers include UK scientist Professor Mark Miodownik (who presented the BBC documentary Plastic Fantastic). The programme also features an update regarding Britain’s so-called ‘Plastics Pact’ by Richard Swannell of the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Other topics to be discussed include; trends for vinyl recyclers, plastics recycling in Japan (Hisao Ida), America (Craig Cookson), and Canada (Carol Hochu), global recycling targets, as well as sustainable design, novel appliations of recycled plastics, and how to enhance collection schemes.

Recycling International will once again attend the conference – so a detailed Identiplast review will be coming your way in issue #3.

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