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Lindner offers Slovenia extra recycling capacity

Slovenian recycler Dinos has been running its new recycling plant for industrial plastic waste with great results the past couple of weeks. Much of the credit is due to Lindner’s state-of-the-art Washtec scrap washing system in combination with the Micromat 2000 shredder.

The new site also hosts a highly effective pre-wash unit Floater and a mechanical dryer of the Loop Dryer series. The washed flakes are regranulated by an Erema Intarema 1714 TVEplus extruder. ‘Our plant has a processing capacity of approximately twelve tonnes of regranulate per 8-hour shift,’ comments product manager Andrej Gustin.

‘For the past fifteen years, Dinos focussed mainly on collection, pressing and shredding’, says plant manager Jure Jambrovic. He observes that the surge of plastic waste generated across the world has thrown up a lot of obstacles for industry players. ‘We’ve decided to start our own recycling line. This will enable us to offer the market a high-quality end product.’

With 19 waste depots in operation, Dinos, which is part of the German Scholz Group, is considered one of the recycling players in Slovenia. The company collects and recycles both ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap as well as discarded plastics like packaging films, high density polyethylene drums and polypropylene crates.

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