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Leasing is a smart option for robotic sorters

US-based AMP Robotics, a provider of smart technology for the recycling industry, has launched a lease programme to make artificial intelligence and robotics more accessible to businesses facing operational and economic challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The company is presenting a webinar on 24 June on their solutions to help recyclers.

‘The challenging operating environment for recyclers has sharpened focus on key issues like worker safety, productivity, scrap quality and reducing the overall cost of recycling – all existing pain points for the industry that the pandemic has elevated,’ says AMP’s ceo Matanya Horowitz.

According to Horowitz, operators are looking at automated solutions not only for an immediate and direct financial return but also to boost the resilience of their businesses.

AMP has launched a new financing option, AMP Cortex Lease, which is claimed to make their technology ‘more accessible than ever to the industry at this critical time when the pandemic has made recycling that much more important to our domestic supply chain’.

Squeezed by costs

Robotics help overcome safety issues presented by coronavirus, creating natural barriers between employees to ensure social distancing, says AMP’s vice president of marketing Chris Wirth. ‘Our solutions also enable facilities to operate with smaller groups of people, helping them maintain full operations with a limited workforce,’ he adds.

Wirth emphasises that recycling businesses continue to be ‘squeezed’ by fixed costs and low commodity prices. But by leasing technology they can reduce variable operating costs for sorting by up to 70%, he claims. ‘On top of that, material recovery facilities can boost productivity and flex capacity to quickly capture high-value, in-demand commodities like paper and OCC.’

Passed one billion recyclables

AMP’s technology recovers plastics, cardboard, paper, metals, cartons, cups and many other secondary raw materials. The company is seeing a rapid growth in sales and so far AMP robots have processed more than a billion recyclables.

Register here for AMP’s webinar on 24 June.

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