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Kennedy Group hailed as PET label frontrunner

United States – The US Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) has heralded the Kennedy Group for its recycling-friendly PET bottle labels. The new PureVue pressure-sensitive clear and white film labels exceed all the criteria in APR’€™s strict guidance document for modern-day packaging.

Kennedy Group′s water-based adhesive sticks to a plastic bottle for its lifecycle and is easily separated during sink/float processing at a recycling facility. Also, there are no flakes/precipitates present in the solutions used at this stage.

APR’s Recognition Program supports companies creating innovative packaging technologies that do not contaminate plastic recycling streams. According to the association, pressure-sensitive labels used on packaging can be problematic for recycling as the ink on the label can bleed or the adhesive and the label cannot be removed cleanly.

John Standish, APR′s technical director, comments: ′The Kennedy Group has taken a huge step in helping to generate good clean material for recycling, and for working with the industry to ensure their innovations are compatible with existing recycling technology.′

The Kennedy Group says it is ′honoured′ by the recognition. ′We are committed to developing innovative products that promote recycling and sustainability,′ states Patrick Kennedy, the group′s vice president of sales and marketing.

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