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JBI launches another Plastic2Oil ‘monster’

Canada – Canadian fuel company JBI has started operating its second Plastic2Oil (P2O) processor, which is housed in a New York facility. This second line includes several enhancements that ‘cater to specific fuel needs’, says JBI’s CEO John Bordynuik.

The so-called ‘Plastic Eating Monster’ shreds, melts, vaporises and eventually converts close to 90% of the material into oil by rearranging its hydrocarbon chains. Having undergone a series of substantial updates, the latest processor is able to ‘transform unsorted and unwashed waste plastic into clean, ultra-low-sulphur fuel without the need for refinement’, states Mr Bordynuik.

Both JBI processors can handle around 2000 pounds per hour at present, although it is expected that they will be able to process 4000 pounds per hour once JBI’s recently-revised solid waste permit is approved by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

The company’s CEO comments: ‘When there have been attempts in the past to make fuel from plastic, it’s been low quality, low flashpoint, kind of sludgy. In this case, we’re making a very highly consistent product that’s within specifications of any standardised fuel.’

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