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Interseroh and Curver take home plastics award

Poland – The efforts of Germany-based recycler Interseroh Dienstleistungs GmbH and manufacturer Curver won recognition at this week’€™s Identiplast congress in the Polish capital Warsaw. The partners behind the Ecolife series of decorative containers took home the Best Recycled End-Consumer Product 2012 award, presented by the European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations (EPRO).

Working together with the design specialist, Interseroh helped create a range of plastic containers and bowls containing 100% recycled plastic granulates derived from consumer packaging. The German recycler provided the necessary material, known as ‘€˜Procyclen’€™, derived from a process involving extensive washing and sorting. An innovative manufacturing technology is said to ensure consistent quality of the plastic resin and also enables the company to fully customise the plastics’€™ colour in line with demand. 

According to Interseroh representative Kai Bastuck, the granulates comprise ‘€˜nearly exclusively’€™ recycled plastics which are collected throughout Germany in the yellow waste bin. Mr Bastuck notes: ‘€˜What’€™s so special about this secondary raw material is that it is equal to virgin plastics in terms of quality and properties.’€™

In addition to using collected plastics to create the Ecolife series, Interseroh adds that the Procyclen material is also being incorporated into other products such as retail packaging, bottle boxes and paint buckets.

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