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India joins the plastics recycling race

India generates around 26 000 tonnes of plastic waste per day, according to the nation’s Central Pollution Control Board. Over 10 000 tonnes of plastic waste remains uncollected.

Change is underway. There is a stronger focus on plastics recycling in India nowadays. Interestingly, the country consumes far less plastics than the US; this is ‘only’ 11 kg per capita per year, which is roughly a tenth of the 109kg per capita generated in the US per annum.

Also, this year will see industry specialists gather in Mumbai for the second annual plastics recycling conference, RACE – named after recycling & the circular economy. The event will be held on 15 November and bring together key players from the global plastics supply chain.

What is on the agenda?

  • Optical sorting, robotics & automated systems
  • Market outlook for PET
  • Investments
  • New EU policies
  • Chemical recycling of multi-layer packaging
  • Collection infrastructure do’s & don’ts
  • Recycling solutions for packaging
  • Deposit systems for plastic bottles

Find out the details here!

And we’d like to leave you with some food for thought. Check out the Ted Talks podcast below to hear how plastics-eating bacteria may impact our world.

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