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Hungary gears up for PET bottle breakthrough

Hungary РIn light of on-going waste issues in Hungary, Budafilter 94 Ltd has established a new PET bottle recycling plant at Mez̵falva. The facility has received financial backing worth around Euro 2.5 million from the EU and is scheduled to achieve an average production capacity of 1200 tonnes per annum.

According to Budafilter, the new venture will process plastics to create granulates and tape, as well as plastic well pipes and water filters.

‘As much as 600 tons of plastic waste are generated in Hungary each year, of which 60 tons are PET bottles,’ it was stated at the plant inauguration ceremony by Zoltán Illés, the Ministry of Rural Development’s State Secretary for Environmental Affairs. Though he welcomed the arrival of an innovative recycling facility, he also underlined the importance of finding a way to recycle the remaining 540 tons of material. 

According to Márk Áron Lenner, the Ministry of National Economy’s Deputy State Secretary for Domestic Economy, green economy operators and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises ‘could mean a breakthrough for the Hungarian economy’. Mr Lenner said Budafilter is setting an excellent example for the rest of the industry.

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