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Hermion is ready to conquer the plastics scene

Dutch plastics recycling technology expert Hermion has recently delivered a turnkey plant to a new client in Russia. The e-scrap plastics installation is running successfully at Ecoplastic in Moscow. 

Hermion has ambitious plans for the future: besides serving the booming e-scrap plastics market, it is branching out to cover consumer packaging. ‘This represents an ever-growing segment in the recycling industry,’ says Bennedicte Couckuyt, managing director of Hermion. ‘It’s a natural next move for us. Mind you, the contamination level in used packaging is very high. Getting clean, pure granulates from it takes rigorous processing.’ 

One application for this type of material is waste bin bags, or industrial sample bags. ‘Others could be the casing of electronics, like a keyboard or a computer screen. There are many possibilities,’ the young entrepreneur adds. 


Joining forces

She is also proud to announce that German firm URT Recycling Technik and UK start-up 3R Technology have acquired shares in Hermion. What got the ball rolling for the new partnership with URT was providing a freezer and refrigerator recycling line for a shared client, Revac, based in Norway.

‘By entering into a strategic partnership with them, we are able to reach a much wider network than before,’ Couckuyt explains. ‘We’re currently in talks with recyclers in New Zealand, for example, and we’re exploring options in Japan, the US and Australia.’ 

Meanwhile, Hermion’s founder Rien Driessen retired at the end of July – though he is staying on as a technical consultant. ‘You see this shift happening at a lot of tech companies,’ Couckuyt notes. ‘The next generation is taking over.’

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