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Groupe Comet turning shredder residue into fuel

Belgium – Groupe Comet, a prominent Belgian scrap metal processor, is to set up a pilot plant dedicated to the production of synthetic fuels through catalytic cracking of shredder residues from the recycling of end-of-life vehicles, electrical or electronic wastes.

This technology is the result of a several-year research programme within the Phoenix project which is supported by the Walloon Region. The purpose of the venture is to inject the fuel directly into co-generation engines for simultaneous production of electricity and heat.

Comet Traitements was granted an operating permit for its Obourg pilot plant in March this year by the town council of Mons. The plant will have a production capacity of 50 litres of fuel per hour and will be commissioned around mid-2012. Investment in this prototype is an important step for Comet Traitements in the development of its process. The company is committing Euro 2.84 million to this project, of which Euro 1.305 million is from the Walloon Region.

If successful, the project should pave the way for the setting-up in the Walloon Region of an industrial plant capable of recovering 70 000 tonnes of shredder residue per year for a net electricity production covering the consumption of approximately 30 000 households. Such a plant would also allow Comet Traitements to reduce this ultimate scrap industry residue to less than 3%.

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