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Ground-breaking 100% recycled water cooler

Canada – Beverage giant Ice River Springs of Canada has introduced a bottle for water coolers made of 100% recycled plastic, claiming to be the first bottler in North America to do so.

The new 15-litre bottle is green in colour, allowing Ice River Springs to reclaim plastic from other used green PET bottles that might otherwise be wasted. The company’s ceo Jamie Gott explains: ‘Few companies need the green plastic that we collect from our recycling operation. We have launched water in green bottles to make use of this plastic and take it out of landfills.’

The bottles are distributed throughout retail outlets in Western Canada under the Arrowhead brand. Ice River Springs strongly believes consumers will be supportive, pointing to the results of a survey among 849 bottled water users in which 82% said a bottle made of 100% recycled material would make the brand more appealing.

Ontario-based Ice River Springs runs 10 bottling plants and a closed-loop plastic recycling operation called Blue Mountain Plastics. It claims to be the only beverage company in North America to operate a bottle recycling operation that not only takes in bottles from municipal recycling programmes, but also sorts, purifies and produces certified food-grade plastic ready for reuse.

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