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Green benefits of recycled Technyl polyamide

France – The environmental benefit of using recycled polyamide in automotive applications has been validated by a life-cycle assessment led by leading French engineering plastics developer Rhodia, automotive supplier Valeo and car-maker PSA Peugeot Citroën.The companies carried out a multi-criteria analysis on the entire life-cycle of a car fan and shroud assembly, an important engine cooling component for the new Peugeot 208. The part is manufactured by Valeo using recycled Technyl polyamide (PA) from Rhodia Engineering Plastics.

The study compared the environmental impact of using recycled Technyl PA in comparison with a standard Technyl grade, taking into account the whole value chain and emphasising seven key environmental criteria: climate change; depletion of non-renewable resources; impact on the diminution of the ozone layer; acidification; eutrophication; the consumption of primary energy; and photochemical oxidation. The results demonstrate that use of recycled Technyl PA significantly reduces the overall environmental impact of the component throughout its entire life cycle; in effect, for the seven targeted criteria the benefits range from -9% to -28%.

‘€˜The collaboration between partners such as Rhodia and Valeo, both strongly committed to sustainable development, represents a real advantage in surpassing the regulatory limits for CO2 emissions and further reducing the environmental impact of automobiles,’€™ comments Louis David, Assistant Director of Paint, Materials and Process at PSA Peugeot Citroën. ‘€˜These significant results validate the importance of the right choice of technically high-performing recycled materials for better auto eco-design.’€™

The recorded benefit is on the same scale as that of a large automotive series production run, it is noted.

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