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Global giants raise the bar for bio-plastics

Global – A consortium made up of five leading global brands ‘€“ Coca-Cola, Ford, Heinz, Nike and Procter & Gamble ‘€“ has launched a new venture designed to promote and advance today’€™s plant-based plastics industry.

The Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC) aims to take an active role in helping replace plastics made from fossil fuels. ‘€˜We seek to accelerate research designed to increase the proportion of plant-based materials contained in PET to 100%,’€™ the consortium said.

Some of the partners already possess recycling experience. The Coca-Cola Company, for example, launched a so-called PlantBottle in 2009. The PTC plans to build on this know-how by ‘€˜leveraging the research and development efforts of the founding companies’€™.

Working in tandem, the companies are looking to ‘€˜develop common methodologies and standards’€™ in the bio-plastics sector, including life cycle analyses and universal terminology. The PTC said it would also follow industry best practice to ensure all material required in the production process is sustainably sourced.

Advocating the need to move away from oil-derived PET to minimise the carbon footprint of recycling and avoid landfilling wherever possible, the PTC added: ‘€˜We are ready to take the lead to effect positive change across multiple industries.’€™

Erin Simon, Senior Programme Officer of Packaging for World Wildlife Fund (WWF), said he applauded the new venture and recognised it ‘€˜could play a key role’€™ in relieving pressure on the planet.

He remarks: ‘€˜Sustainably managing our natural resources and finding alternatives to fossil fuels are both business and environmental imperatives,’€™ he stated. ‘€˜It’s encouraging to see these leading companies use their market influence to reduce dependence on petroleum-based plastics.’€™

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