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Galloo to expand plastics processing capacity

Belgium – Expansion plans have been confirmed by a prominent specialist in the recycling of complex plastic waste streams derived from end-of-life electronic/electrical equipment and vehicles. Galloo Plastics, a subsidiary of Belgium’s Galloo group, is proposing to invest several million Euros in enlarging its plant in the north of Halluin, Belgium. The total processing area will climb from 20 000 to 32 000 square metres by the end of 2012. ‘We need to increase our capacity to respond to increasing demand from our customers,’ says Hugues de Féraudy, founder and CEO of Galloo Plastics. ‘This investment will also be used to install equipment to launch a new, innovative manufacturing-oriented polyamide recycling.’
The company workforce of 45 should increase to 65 when the plant attains full capacity; production should reach 100 000 tonnes of plastic granulate in about five years, according to the management team. In the current year, Galloo Plastics is expected to produce 25 000 tonnes of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, ABS and polypropylene talc.
Galloo Plastics achieved a turnover of Euro 20 million in 2010 – a figure which is expected to grow by 10% in 2011. Before the economic crisis of 2008, most of the company’s customers were in the automotive industry but it has since diversified to the extent that this sector now represents only 60% of its outlets – a percentage that continues to decline.

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