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Funds for Bavarian plastics specialist

Germany – Germany-based Dyneon GmbH, a world leader in the development and production of fluoroelastomers and fluorothermoplastics, has received around Euro 1 million from the Environmental Innovation Program of the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) in Germany aimed at stimulating state-of-the-art efforts at its newly-built recycling plant.

The pilot plant in Bavaria was designed for an annual capacity of 500 tons of fluorine polymer waste, so states the BMU. At the new facility, Dyneon will be targeting fluoropolymer waste, which is characterised by its resistance to heat and chemicals. Subjected to high temperatures of between 400 and 700 degC, the materials will completely decompose.

According to the BMU, this is an important area for further exploration because this particular material is frequently u, plsed in a number of commercial applications, such as fuel hoses and pipelines, and yet an effective or high-quality method of recycling waste fluoropolymer remains to be discovered.

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