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Expansion for UK fridge recycler

AO Recycling, part of the AO World group which operates in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, has announced plans for a plastics recycling facility along its fridge recycling plant in Telford, England.

The online-only retailer specialises in household appliances and electrical goods and established AO Recycling to process more than 700 000 fridges a year, one-fifth of the appliances currently thrown away annually in the UK.

The 7 500 sq m unit on a four hectare site boasts Bertha, an 80-tonne shredder built and installed by Austrian company Andritz which smashes up around 100 fridges an hour. Until now, the plastic and metal has been separated off in the main facility.

Neighbouring land owned by AO is to be developed to offer greater refinement in the sorting of the plastics shredded by Bertha. Because scrap plastic remains a tough market, AO Recycling believes the investment will increase the quality and secure an important route to new markets. The new facility is expected to create around 100 jobs.

The recycler adds: ‘The investment was the next natural step in our recycling journey. We have created a plant that can clean and refine to the highest possible standards. The aim of our recycling process has always been to get the most out of the old white goods we collect so our customers know that when they are giving us their old fridges, they are doing the best they possibly can for the environment.’

There are also plans for a second fridge plant in the south-east of England, serving the large population around London.

There will be a full feature on the Telford plant in the next issue of Recycling International.

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