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European Bioplastics: ‘at the brink of revolution’

Europe – A new board has been elected at the General Assembly of European Bioplastics to represent the association and its members for the coming two years.

Incoming chairman is Fran̤ois de Bie, marketing director Рpoly lactid acid & bioplastic building blocks at PURAC, while the vice chairpersons are Mariagiovanna Vetere, EU public affairs manager at NatureWorks, and Stefano Facco, business development manager at Novamont.

‘Bioplastics will help make this world a more sustainable place for now and for our future generations,’ says De Bie. Many consumers, brand owners and converters have yet to be made fully aware of the benefits of bioplastics, he believes.

‘In the coming years, European Bioplastics will focus on changing this,’ he insists. ‘Today, we are at the brink of the bioplastics revolution and a lot of work still needs to be done.’

Citing an annual growth rate of more than 20%, European Bioplastics observes that the bioplastics industry is ‘developing dynamically in a number of application fields’. Examples include toy manufacturing, the automotive sector and consumer electronic applications.

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