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EuPC backs high priority for plastics recycling strategy

Europe – The European Commission has released its Roadmap on the Strategy for Plastics, which is part of the Circular Economy Package. The European Plastics Converters association (EuPC) applauds that the document calls for clearer standards and sustainability framework on biodegradability and oxo-fragmentable plastics ‘€˜to avoid leakage of plastic particles into the environment and reduce the pollution of current plastic recycling streams in Europe’€™.

The roadmap takes into account the material’s entire life-cycle and ‘paves the way for an actual EU Strategy by the Commission foreseen end of the year’, according to EuPC. ‘We acknowledge the low rate of actual recycling and the potential for plastics reuse,’ the association adds.

If properly implemented, the new document will result in more innovation and jobs as well as policy coherence, says EuPC, which represents more than 50 000 companies with a combined industry turnover of EUR 280 billion in the European Union.

‘The time has come for all stakeholders to discuss and find solutions on how European regulators can further develop the plastics industry’s potential in Europe whilst at the same time implement a true circular plastics economy,’ comments EuPC managing director Alexandre Dangis.

‘We look forward to engaging in upcoming debates to ensure right and appropriate policies will be put forward, particularly at a time where other world regions sometimes seem to forget environmental priorities for our planet,’ he adds.

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