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EPRO searching for plastics winners

Europe – The European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organizations (EPRO) is asking plastics recyclers, converters, producers and consumers to come forward and share their suggestions to help find the best recycled plastic products in 2012.

Examples of the best recycled products must be submitted before EPRO’€™s deadline of 20 September. In order to be eligible for participation, the assotiation states the product in question must be produced in Europe and contain at least 50% of post-consumer/post-industrial plastics.

Additionally, it must have entered the market in 2010 or later, and must have sold at least one unit. Both business-to-business items and consumer goods are eligible.

An EPRO panel, assisted by specialists from PlasticsEurope, EUPR, EUPC and ACR+, will choose the winners. The top three products will be announced at the IdentiPlast 2012 congress in Warsaw on 6-7 November.

‘€˜There are many myths about plastics recycling, so we want to face them by showing real end products made out of recycled plastics,’€™ Head of EPRO Communications Group Eirik Oland has told PlasticsToday. He added this was the first year in which consumers may nominate companies.

‘€˜The ideal winner is a product that will surprise people. Can make them think; ‘€œWow, is that made of recycled plastic packaging?’€ If we achieve this we have a product that will serve as an ambassador product for plastics recycling,’€™ Mr Oland said. Modern products with good design and a strong sustainability pedigree had the best chance of success, he suggested.

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