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Eastman joins forces with P&G to ‘eliminate plastic waste’

Eastman has partnered up with Procter & Gamble to help transform its plastic packaging by working together on recycling solutions. The multinational plans to integrate Eastman Renew materials into select product packaging later this year.

Eastman Renew materials are made via the company’s patented molecular recycling technologies using plastic scrap that otherwise would end up in landfill. This advanced approach is said to complement traditional recycling, thus expanding the types and volume of plastics eligible for recycling.

P&G patented its own advanced recycling process several years ago, which it has licensed to PureCycle. This additional partnership with Eastman will expand its efforts toward sustainability, according to Lee Ellen Drechsler, Procter & Gamble senior vice president of R&D.

‘Eliminating waste plastic from our environment is a complex global challenge that requires a comprehensive, collaborative approach across the entire plastics lifecycle. We are taking a thoughtful approach to addressing the collection, processing, revitalisation, and reuse of materials. That’s why we selected Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies, which enable former waste to be transformed into useful products.’

Meanwhile, P&G and Eastman will collaborate on initiatives addressing the infrastructure required to increase plastic recycling rates. A key objective is boosting collection of hard-to-recycle plastics to minimise the amount of scrap dumped in landfill.

Eastman is currently building what it says it one of the world’s largest plastic recycling facilities near its existing site in Kingsport, Tennessee. The molecular recycling plant, which is projected to handle approximately 90 000 tonnes of scrap per year, is scheduled to open its doors in 2022.

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