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DuPont aids Brazil’s closed-loop recycling

Brazil – Using DuPont’s Fusabond modifiers, Brazil is reporting continuing success with its award-winning closed-loop recycling process, named Virtuous Cycle. Launched by the National Agrochemical Producers Association in 2002, the initiative has led to the collection of well over 150 000 tons of multi-layer, plastic agrochemical bottles, thereby preventing more than 160 000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents from entering the atmosphere.

Virtuous Cycle relies on Fusabond to harmonise dissimilar polymers in the recycling process, eventually enabling use of the material in high-end industrial applications such as flexible corrugated pipes. The modifiers help the products to achieve improved impact resistance and surface finish. ‘We are still operating at a strong and steady run rate,’ confirms Jose Torradas, Senior Technical Consultant with DuPont Packaging. Overall, Brazil is reportedly achieving a 95% recycling rate for its agrochemical packaging.

DuPont Latin America’s President Eduardo Wanick, who in 2010 accepted Brazil’s most prestigious recycling award, the Premio ECO, says that advances in this specific plastics field remain necessary. ‘Multi-layer containers pose a great recycling challenge due to the variety of plastic materials used in the construction,’ he points out.

Mr Torradas hopes that the project using Fusabond will be extended to other regions of Brazil in the near future.


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