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Dubai welcomes brand-new plastics recycling plant

United Arab Emirates – German tech companies RAMPF Eco Solutions and Kai Anlagenbau have designed a cutting-edge plant for a major Dubai-based customer to convert production residues and post-consumer PET from packaging into polyol and polyurethane via a chemical process.

Built for a leading supplier of insulation technology, the new plant will be capable of manufacturing ‘high-quality’ polyols based on polyethylene terephthalate (PET), phthalic anhydride (PSA) and polyurethane (PU)/polyisocyanurates (PIR).

The facility in Dubai is already up and running, confirms Marco Werth, director of sales & marketing at RAMPF Eco Solutions. ‘With this multi-functional concept, we’re offering our customer even greater economic and environmental benefits.’

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