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Coca-Cola research on UK bottle recycling behaviour

UK – A study commissioned by Coca-Cola Enterprises is under way in the UK to help build an understanding of why people say they want to be environmentally friendly and to recycle, but in many cases they don’€™t.The study follows an investigation by market research agency YouGov which showed that some 76% of UK consumers claim to ‘€˜always’€™ recycle plastic bottles at home while 64% view recycling as ‘€˜a moral and environmental duty’€™. However, according to Coca-Cola, the actual at-home recycling rates do not reflect such good intentions and reveal a significant ‘€˜value-action gap’€™ as half of all plastic bottles are not collected for recycling.

The new study is being carried out by researchers at the University of Exeter. They will observe 10 UK households over a six-month period and explore the dynamics that drive waste and recycling behaviour in the home. Questions to be tackled include: Who are the environmental champions in the home? What is the impact of on-pack information? And is a lack of understanding of the infrastructure partly responsible for low recycling rates?

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