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Closed Loop to recycle Shanks’ plastic bottles

United Kingdom – Plastics recycling company Closed Loop Recycling, headquartered in London, United Kingdom, has signed an agreement with one of Europe’s leading waste management companies, Shanks, to supply London’s domestically-sourced waste plastic bottles to Closed Loop’s PET and HDPE plastic bottle recycling facility in Dagenham.
According to the UK company, this announcement comes at a time when demand for domestic recycled plastic food packaging content is at an all time high, with big name brands such as Britvic, Nampak and Marks & Spencer signing up to receive material from Closed Loop’s world-leading facility.

Chris Dow, Closed Loop Recycling’s Managing Director says: ‘There’s more demand than ever for high quality, domestically processed rPET and rHDPE here in the UK. Our order book is full of big name brands which are keen to produce sustainable packaging and support domestic recycling. We’re delighted to have Shanks join us as a supplier and demonstrate their commitment to the local reprocessing industry by making available a quality stream of resource material.’

‘We’ve also just installed brand new, state-of-the-art decontamination equipment which means we can run at full capacity to meet the demand.’

Ian Goodfellow, Managing Director of Shanks UK, adds: ‘We’re proud to be associated with Closed Loop Recycling and our agreement confirms our commitment to domestic recycling here in the UK, which reduces the waste sent to landfill or shipped overseas.’

Closed Loop Recycling’s sorting and reprocessing technology enables it to sort, granulate, wash and super-clean 35,000 tonnes of recovered plastic bottles per year, including milk and soft drink bottles, and turn them back into recycled raw material for new food and drink packaging. The plant diverts a significant amount of waste from both landfill and export and using the recycled plastic produced to make new bottles and cups can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 25%.

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