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Canadian tech a ‘game-changer’ for plastics recyclers

Three industry leaders involved with the recovery of post-consumer packaging, ReVital Polymers, Pyrowave and INEOS Styrolution, have formed a strategic partnership to recycle polystyrene packaging.

Their efforts will focus on materials collected in consumer kerbside and depot recycling systems. The project will also handle material sourced from restaurants, offices, schools and universities.

The collaboration is based on Pyrowave’s advanced microwave technology that recycles single-use polystyrene packaging. The recycled material will be used to create new products, such as packaging. 

Fighting pollution

The Canadian company says its innovative technology will significantly reduce the amount of polystyrene packaging going to landfill. It will also help address the global problem of plastic pollution in oceans and rivers.

‘A game-changer’

‘Polystyrene packaging, regardless of colour, food residue or odours, can be successfully added to recycling programmes,’ says Keith Bechard, chief commercial officer at ReVital Polymers Inc. who sees it as a ‘game-changer’ for the global recycling community.

‘When these materials are shipped to ReVital, they will be recycled into a high-value material that closes the loop,’ Bechard adds.

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