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Bumper harvest expected from car bumpers

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MBA Polymers UK is recycling car bumpers directly rather than using the typical ELV shredding process in a bid to boost recyclate quality.

A new scheme means damaged bumpers fromauthorised treatment facilities, insurers and garages are sent to two of its UK sites. The company says recycling bumpers directly will enable it to produce improved performance grades for the automotive sector.

95% recycled content

The plastics recycler produces recycled ABS, PP, FPP, HIPS and HDPE. Its sustainable materials achieve carbon savings of between 75% and 86%, making them the first recycled plastics to carry the Carbon Trust’s Lower CO2 label. A recently launched recycled ABS product contains more than 95% recycled content, versus an industry-average closer to 70%.

Under the EU’s draft ELV Directive, manufacturers are required to ensure that 25% of the plastic used in new cars comes from recycled sources, 25% of which must come from ELVs.

High-quality polymers

General manager Paul Mayhew says: ‘We believe that recycling the bumpers before the end-of-life vehicle recycling process will allow MBA Polymers UK to harness the intrinsic properties of the material and produce a high-performance polymer to go back into visual exterior parts.

‘This will directly help car manufacturers as they face up to the implications of the Directive but will also provide a new sustainable route for this material, future-proofing the operations of ATFs, insurers and other links in a supply chain that is increasingly transitioning to net-zero.’

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