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Boost for Haitian plastics recycling project

Haiti – Leading machinery manufacturer US Shredder and Castings Group and other businesses are to partner with a major plastics recycling project in Haiti, one of world’s poorest countries.

The Ramase Lajan programme creates local collection centres that provide Haitians with paying jobs. Sponsors buy four recycling centres, estimated to cost around US$ 25 000 each, and then donate them to a local organisation to operate. Each centre is a self-contained recycling storefront that has a scale, collection sacks, uniforms, safety gear, signage and a manually-operated baler; these provide direct employment for eight to 16 people and indirectly employ the collectors of plastic containers.

The centres sort the plastics and send the material to the Haiti Recycling company in the capital Port-au-Prince for further processing. In the past four years, the programme has established 26 centres and created more than 1600 jobs. According to the US Executives Without Borders organisation, some 80 million bottles have been collected to date.

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