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Blondie shows off ‘green’ couture during London Fashion Week

United Kingdom – British singer Debbie Harry, better known as Blondie, is collaborating with fashion brand VIN + OMI for the launch of their upcoming Spring Summer 18 collection during London Fasion Week. The event on 11 September is meant to bring attention to recycled ocean plastics and plastic waste.

The new clothing made by VIN + OMI consists of sustainable materials like rPET yarn, derived from post-consumer bottles processed by European plastics recyclers. The designer urges that ‘more plastic has been produced in the last ten years than the last century’.

The famous singer Blondie will model the clothing on the catwalk. She points out that she has frequently worn sustainable costumes by VIN + OMI on stage on her previous and current two tour. This collaboration is a good fit for her since she is a long-time supporter of Riverkeeper, a New York initiative dedicated to cleaning waste from the Hudson River.

‘It is a sad fact that plastic bottles can take hundreds of years to biodegrade, and other types of plastic take even longer. So recycling what won’t go away, in the right way, is essential,’ the fashion house says. The brand hopes the eco-focussed fashion show will encourage more designers worldwide to explore their local textile options and turn discarded plastic into clothing.

‘The connections worldwide need to be strengthened between the recycling channels and textile production,’ the designers stress. The brand goes on to state: ‘Innovative eco-fabrics can be fun, high fashion and wearable. It’s great to have Debbie supporting us to raise awareness of how fashion can take responsibility.’

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