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Big surge in recycled plastics usage at Electrolux

Sweden – Consumer goods manufacturer Electrolux used twice as much recycled plastics last year as it did in 2014 by incorporating a total of 7400 tonnes into its products, according to its annual sustainability report. And the company has set itself the target of using 20 000 tonnes of recycled plastics by 2020.

In 2016, consumer products rated to have the ”best environmental performance” accounted for 20% of total units sold and 28% of gross profit, according to Electrolux.

The company also claims that it has reduced its total carbon footprint by 27% since 2005 while using 42% less energy per product manufactured.

Electrolux sells around 60 million products in over 150 countries every year. A leading position in sustainability is hailed by the company as a major driver in its mission to develop and manufacture ‘smarter, more accessible and resource-efficient solutions’ that meet the increasing requirements of consumers, customers and other stakeholders in the market.



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