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Biden urged to remember the ‘essential’ nature of plastic

‘Plastic is an absolutely essential material to addressing America’s infrastructure needs,’ declares Tony Radoszewski, ceo of the US Plastics Industry Association, in response to president Joe Biden Administration’s new infrastructure proposals.

‘Whether it’s its usage in pavement, pipes or electric vehicles, plastic creates jobs while improving our daily lives. We need further investment in recycling infrastructure to bring us closer to our shared goal of sustainability,’ Radoszweski writes.

‘We are disappointed this was not made a priority. While we also have significant concerns with tax provisions included in the proposal, we will aggressively pursue opportunities to work with the Biden administration and members of Congress to highlight the value of plastic in rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure as the plan continues to develop.’

The Plastics Industry Association, founded in 1937, is the only organisation that supports America’s entire plastics supply chain, representing nearly one million workers in the country’s US$ 432 billion (EUR 367 billion) industry. It seeks to make the industry more globally competitive while advancing recycling and sustainability.

Meanwhile, the organisation has cancelled its ‘The Plastics Show’, due to take place in Orlando, Florida from 17-21 May, owing to pandemic-related health concerns.

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