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Beauty product major ‘polishes’ its packaging

Cosmetics supplier Cosnova is to start using recycled plastic from waste packaging in new packaging for its beauty products. Alba subsidiary and plastics recycler Interseroh will be the main partner in the project.

Cosnova will use recyclables in packaging for products including nail polish vials and lip gloss. Interseroh’s recycled plastic, made from Procyclen, will be used for the caps. Procyclen is made from plastic waste collected in the dual system.

‘By increasing the use of recycled materials in our product packaging, we want to contribute to reducing the use of new plastic,’ says Axel Geiger, executive expert, purchase & packaging at Cosnova.

According to researchers of the German Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, Procyclen delivers a 54% reduction in climate-damaging greenhouse gases compared with plastic from virgin material.

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