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Axion Polymers invests in ELV operation

United Kingdom – UK-based plastics recycler, Axion Polymers, has invested an additional £1 million (or US$ 1.6 million) to enhance operations at its state-of-the-art plant in Manchester, which recovers polypropylene and other materials from end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).

According to Axion, the facility can process some 200 000 metric tonnes of auto shredder residue per year. ‘€˜This latest cash injection is part of on-going efficiency optimisation at the facility. It enables Axion to separate the non-metallic fractions from the equivalent of about 800 000 cars a year,’€™ states Axion founder and Director Roger Morton. This is expected to notably reduce the costs of landfilling the excess material, which is estimated to average around US$ 120 per tonne.

The plant first opened its doors in January 2011. ‘€˜Although the operation is still developing, we are already delivering the 95% recycling and recovery target through a combination of plastics recycling, producing materials for the construction industry and fuel to substitute coal,’€™ adds Mr Morton. He notes that this is ahead of the 2015 EU ELV recycling and recovery target.

Axion’€™s in-house team worked closely together with other UK recycler, S. Norton & Co., to design and construct the multi-million pound Shredder Waste Advanced Processing Plant (SWAPP). Operating it jointly, S. Norton also generates the a portion of the auto shredder residue processed at the Manchester site.

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