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Automotive plastics merger offers ‘total recycling solution’

MBA Polymers UK has acquired automotive plastics recycler PPR Wipag of Dover on the south-east coast of England.

MBA Polymers UK specialises in the processing of complex post-consumer plastics from e-scrap and automotive shredder residue. These outputs are compounded at its state-of-the-art recycling facility into ‘virgin replacement’ polymers.

Cutting edge technology

The acquisition is part of MBA Polymers UK long-term growth strategy to increase its product portfolio and provide what is described as ‘a complete closed loop offering’. As part of the acquisition, PPR Wipag will become MBA’s post-industrial arm and ‘the cutting edge technology’ will allow them to explore the recycling of new products.

Total solution

‘As a member of the EMR Group, MBA will be able to leverage the existing group infrastructure and provide a total plastic waste management solution to the automotive and injection moulding sector,’ says MBA Polymers UK’s general manager Paul Mayhew.


According to Jonathan Weston, managing director at PPR Wipag, the merger will bring benefits and new opportunities. ‘It is the ideal solution for the evolution of our business,’ he says. ‘We are now in the position to offer a true cradle-to-grave recycling solution to the automotive industry in the UK and beyond.’

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