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Artificial grass recycling facility to open in 2020

TenCate Grass Group of the Netherlands has invested in a new company so that municipalities and sports clubs can have end-of-life synthetic turf processed in a sustainable manner.

From the first quarter of 2020, GBN Artificial Grass Recycling (GBN-AGR) will recycle the material on an industrial site near Amsterdam into ‘high quality’ products that can be reused in industry and in the construction of new fields.

 ‘With this initiative we are taking responsibility for the entire artificial grass chain, from manufacturing to end-of-life processing and reuse,’ says TenCate Grass Group’s ceo Michael Vogel. ‘This is our first step in creating a fully circular artificial grass process globally.’

Aiming high in circularity

GBN-AGR claims to achieve 100% circular processing of artificial grass, so that certification according Dutch BRL standards becomes possible. This guarantees  ‘a completely transparent and high-quality process’ for both clients and buyers of circular raw materials.

GBN-AGR says it will publish what it describes as an annual impact report to indicate, among other things, how many square metres of artificial grass have been processed, into which raw materials or products, and where the products have ended up.

Global player

TenCate Grass Group and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture, market, sell, install and maintain artificial grass for leading sports, recreation and landscaping. The company operates worldwide and has sites and factories in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States.

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