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AMUT wins major plant contracts for plastic scrap

Italy – The recycling division of the Italy-based AMUT group has been awarded two tenders by leading European waste management companies, each involving the supply of a twin plant for reclaiming and regenerating thermoplastic polyolefin scrap to be transformed into granules.

In one of the projects, two lines working in parallel will process mainly post-consumer LDPE scrap at a total output of 2500 kg per hour. A series of conveyor belts enables the two shredders to feed alternately two buffers on the lines. A decantation phase permits the separation of heavy objects and contaminants from the film while pre-washing removes other pollutants and dirt. ‘Turbo Washer and Friction Washer machines perform an intensive and continuous washing and rinsing action,’ AMUT explains. Flakes are separated from the water and conveyed to a centrifuge machine for drying to reduce humidity levels and make them suitable for extrusion.

For the other project, AMUT will supply twin lines for washing and pelletising post-consumer plastic materials, with the hourly output being 1500 kg of LDPE film or 4000 kg of PP or HDPE containers. ‘The main advantage is the possibility of reclaiming either light or heavy polyolefins with the same machines one at a time,’ says AMUT.

Material is freed of heavy objects and contaminants before being conveyed in two parallel turbines for the pre-washing phase. In wet grinding, intensive washing takes place in a Friction Washer, with subsequent rinsing removing any residual impurities. Purification from residual heavy plastics and rinsing are completed by a decanter, which also provides a drying action. This project also involves the supply of an extrusion plant.

With AMUT’s technologies, treated water can be reused thanks to special recirculation systems.

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