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AMUT equipment to recycle PET bottles in Brazil

Brazil – Italy-based PET recycler Mossi & Ghisolfi has selected fellow Italian company AMUT to supply a PET bottle recycling plant to its facility in Pocos de Caldas, Brazil. The plant is expected to be operational later this year and will produce high-quality flake suitable for bottle-to-bottle processes. AMUT says the plant will handle bottles from municipal waste collections and will have a capacity of 2000 kg per hour.

At the core of AMUT’s PET recycling process is its patented friction washer which automatically adjusts the quantity of flakes processed and generates a mechanical friction action that removes pollutants continuously, the company explains. The pollutants are removed using a flow of water and filtered to remove glue.

According to AMUT, the result is a ‘high-purity final product with a level of organic residues at 20 parts per million’. The washing is performed using just 1 litre of water per kilogram of PET, the company states. The water involved in the process is automatically measured, filtered and reused in various sections of the system.

For AMUT, this will be its third major recycling line in Latin America. In 2012, the equipment company supplied to Argentinean processor Tecsan, which handles per day 1000 tonnes of municipal solid waste. Also, it supplied a plant to Coca-Cola-owned Petstar in Mexico which handles 3500 kg of plastic bottles per hour.

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