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ACC celebrates plastic recycling innovations

United States – The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has awarded this year’€™s Innovation in Plastics Recycling awards to three top-performing US companies: KW Plastics; Sony Electronics; and Safeplay Systems. The selected companies were honoured for their efforts to develop innovative processes or products using post-consumer recycled plastics.

KW Plastics was recognised for its advanced integrated polypropylene packaging reprocessing system which overcomes the difficulties experienced when handling the numerous melt flows, layers and additives in PP products. ‘€˜KW Plastics also has broken new ground as the first domestic reprocessor to collect and recycle woven and non-woven flexible PP,’€™ adds the ACC.

Meanwhile, Sony Electronics earned its award for developing SoRPlas – a material containing 99% recycled polycarbonate, now commonly used to create camera housings and other Sony consumer products. SoRPlas comprises 50% post-industrial scrap and 50% post-consumer recycled plastics from end-of-life products.

Safeplay Systems scooped its innovation award for the EcoPlay playground equipment line manufactured from post-consumer recycled HDPE. ‘€˜EcoPlay lumber contains at least 95% post-consumer recycled plastic content,’€™ remarks the ACC. Safeplay also has its own recycling programme to recover its products for recycling, it adds.

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