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‘A place where new ideas are born’

Sorting solutions provider Tomra has opened a test centre in Parma, Italy to develop new applications and solutions in PE and PET flake sorting.

Under the theme of ‘Testing is believing’, Tomra recently welcomed some 100 participants to an exclusive opening event and guided tour of the new flake sorting facility, which is located next to its office in Parma.

Tomra has seen increasing demand for flake sorting tests and a strong market push for high-quality recycled plastics. ‘This requires the purest material fractions across all plastics applications and the respective technologies and solutions need to be identified, developed, and optimised,’ says Fabrizio Radice, vice president and head of global sales and marketing at Tomra Recycling. ‘This will happen in our new facility, while closely collaborating with our customers and partners.’

Upgrading plastics

According to Alberto Piovesan, segment manager plastics EMEA & Americas at Tomra, the new test centre will play ‘a crucial role’ in accelerating and shaping the development of the sector through its application and industry expertise, consultation and the most advanced technologies. ‘Within only 18 months, we have established a place where new ideas and innovations are born to best respond to current market trends. More importantly, we are working on solutions that are indispensable for any sorting and recycling plant looking to successfully upgrade plastics.’

Input / output challenge

At the opening event, strong emphasis was also put on the new trends in plastics recycling and the implication these trends have on the industry. One of the trends is seen in a discrepancy of input and output qualities, says Tomra. ‘Whereas input materials are expected to come with lower qualities, the required output must feature the highest qualities possible.’

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