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What awaits paper and plastics recyclers in 2020?

Recyclers process, on average, 58% of paper and 20% of plastics annually on a global scale. The key drivers shaping both recycling markets will be discussed at next month’s Paper & Plastics Conference in Barcelona.

Paper still makes up a notable chunk (around 25%) of municipal solid waste. The volume of plastics present in the waste stream is growing, now at roughly 14%. It’s worth noting that recycling results are much higher in developed countries. In the US, figures for paper have hit 65%, with some EU countries scoring over 72%. Meanwhile, American plastics recyclers are still struggling to get recycling into the solid double digits.   

Future vision

The question is, how can the industry push recycling practices to the next level? And how can recyclers in the US and Europe learn from each other? What will the recycling sector look like in 2020, and beyond? Federico Santi, senior analyst of the New York-based Eurasia consultancy group, will provide answers by sharing a detailed risk assessment with conference delegates in Spain. The keynote speaker will talk politics, trade trends, investments and the circular economy on November 5.

Additional sessions will see various industry experts give an update on the changing packaging market, recycling equipment, government decisions, corporate recycling targets, and promising recycling projects in and outside of Europe.

The two-day event will take place at the Hilton Barcelona on 5 and 6 November. The conference has been organised annually since 2005 by the Recycling Today Media Group. Check out more details here

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