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‘Very encouraging’ rise in carton recycling

Europe – A total of 380 000 tonnes, or 40%, of Europe’s beverage cartons were recycled in 2012 compared to 37% in the previous year, says the Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment (ACE UK). The total recovery rate for cartons reached 69% across the EU last year, the organisation adds.

‘We very much welcome this latest rise in carton recycling rates across the EU, which shows things are moving in the right direction,’ notes ACE UK’s chief executive Richard Hands. The recycling rate stood at just over 30% as recently as 2009 and so the figure of 40% for 2012 is ‘very encouraging’, he states.

In the UK, over 50% of local authorities now collect cartons at the kerbside for recycling. Hands says that the opening earlier this year of the country’s only dedicated carton recycling facility – a partnership between ACE UK and Sonoco Alcore – will surely ‘provide a further boost to carton recycling rates’.

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