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Thumbs down for paper from mixed-waste processing

United States – Survey results released by the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) indicate that buyers of recovered fibre have second thoughts when it comes to material from mixed-waste processing operations.

ISRI’s survey of 41 industry representatives found that more than 75% steer clear of paper from mixed-waste recycling facilities. Of those respondents who do purchase paper from mixed-waste outlets, 70% said the quality was worse than ‘most other recovered paper purchased’.

In mixed-waste processing systems, recyclables and rubbish are collected in a single bin and facilities aim to separate out marketable material. The strategy has gained some traction in the municipal arena over recent years. ISRI has formally opposed mixed-waste processing and says the latest survey findings from RRS prove why ‘one-bin systems continually fail’.

ISRI’s president Robin Wiener observes: ‘Where mixed-waste processing is used, the recycling of paper is significantly diminished, both in quality and quantity. There is little, if any, market for such paper. Communities that are still debating between one-bin and dual-stream operations can now better make an informed decision.’

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