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Recycling ‘not enough’ for reusable cardboard boxes

United Kingdom – ‘Crushing and pulping perfectly good boxes and converting them back into boxes is a terrible waste of energy and resource,’ asserts Mike Sadler, managing director of UK-based cardboard box reuse specialist Sadlers Carton Stockholders. He has launched a new campaign to promote the principles and benefits of segregating used boxes from cardboard waste streams and selling them for reuse. ‘A few years ago if you were recycling you were green, but today that’€™s not enough,’ he says. ‘Burning heaps of energy to recycle is not the best solution. Increasingly we have to look at our waste streams and choose the best environmental solution; reuse must be the priority.’

Sadlers ‘helps companies to initiate reuse schemes which generally require no investment and no increase in labour or handling charges’, he explains. Apart from providing onsite containers which are free of hire and uplift charges, the firm also delivers used boxes to their customers ‘en route to collection’, thus making the process ‘as environmentally efficient as possible’.

The company already processes millions of boxes every month which it buys from food, drink, household product and general manufacturers as well as importers. ‘We generally pay much higher rates than cardboard waste processors,’ remarks Sadler. ‘What’s more, we guarantee our rates for up to three years regardless of market fluctuations.’

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