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ReCommunity starts up Tucson MRF

USA – ReCommunity has begun full operation of its residential recycling system at Tucson in Arizona, USA. Designed, manufactured and installed by the CP Group, the system is designed to process 25 tons per hour of newspapers, mixed papers, cardboard, beverage cartons, steel, aluminium and glass.

The facility incorporates advanced automated sorting capabilities that allow identification, separation and recovery of recyclables. Drawing on equipment and services from CP Manufacturing, MSS Inc, IPS Balers and Advanced MRF (all divisions of the CP Group of companies), features include a three-deck scalping screen, a three-deck OCCScreen, a three-deck Glass Breaker Screen, a Glass Cleanup System, two NEWScreens, a CPScreen and an eddy current separator, as well as conveyors and platforms engineered and produced by CP Manufacturing. MSS supplied an Aladdin optical sorter that separates plastics by colour and resin type, and generates three output streams from one input stream.
The TR-1388 multi-material export two-ram baler supplied by IPS Balers has a patented pre-compression lid to increase bale density, minimise strokes and eliminate shearing. It is capable of producing between 28 and 45 tons per hour of high-density bales of various materials.
ReCommunity operates 35 facilities in 13 US states and employs more than 1500 people.

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