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Progress for Dutch paper residue recycler N+P

The Netherlands – Netherlands-based N+P, a specialist in the field of paper residue recycling, is expanding its co-operation with Dyckerhoff of Germany for the delivery of high-grade ‘subcoal’ pellets.

Around 65 000 tonnes of subcoal pellets are produced each year in N+P′s Qlyte facility at Delfzijl in the north of the Netherlands; this involves the processing of some 100 000 tonnes of non-recyclable paper and plastic waste that otherwise would have ended up in landfill or been used for incineration.

The ′subcoal′ replaces lignite dust or bituminous coal in power stations, lime kilns and cement kilns. Dyckerhoff, which serves the cement and concrete building products industry, started using subcoal two years ago. It has since worked with N+P to improve the alternative fuel for optimal use in its kilns.

The co-operation has led to a new subcoal fuel which is used at the Dyckerhoff kiln in Lengerich, Germany. N+P claims to be ′one of the largest players in the field of recycling various qualities of paper sludge in Europe′. Paper sludge is a residue from the paper industry containing fibre, filler (clay or lime) and water.

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