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Portugal’s packaging recycling beats target

Portugal – Portugal generated nearly 500 kg of refuse per inhabitant in 2011 – of which more than 50% went to landfill, the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) has confirmed in its ‘State of the Environment 2012’ report.

Total urban waste production in Portugal amounted to 4.8 million tonnes during the year – 6% less than in 2010 but ‘€˜slightly higher’€™ than the goal of 4.7 million tonnes. Residents in the capital of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo were the largest waste generators, making up 39% of the total. It is estimated that 57% – or 1.5 million tonnes – of all packaging was recycled, thus exceeding the 55% target established for 2011.

But of the overall volume collected, only 15.6% was sent for selective separation. According to the APA, 58% of the waste went to landfill while the remainder was either incinerated, sent for recycling or reused for organic purposes. Landfilling in 2011 was down 3% from the previous year.

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Source: The Portugal News

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