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Paprec builds ‘showcase’ recycling centre

France – French recycling group Paprec has added to its expanding activities by establishing a new plant in the Paris region.

Intended to become ‘the showcase of the eco industry future’ in France, it will combine a wide range of recycling streams under one roof.
The development at the 22-hectare former paper mill site in Cesson-Sevigne was delayed as a major area of the facility, which had belonged to an oil company, turned out to be polluted. Following clean-up, the site has been converted into a multi-purpose recycling plant where paper, household refuse, industrial waste, plastics, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and metals are separated and sorted.
The new Paprec site will contribute to the objective of the group’s founder and CEO Jean-Luc  of reaching a turnover of Euro 1 billion by the year 2014 compared to Euro 567 million in 2010.
In recent years, Paprec’s ambitions have been expanding beyond France’s borders. Most recently, the company reached a co-operation agreement with Anthon B. Nilsen, a Norwegian paper and plastics processor which handles a total of 450 000 tonnes per year. While maintaining their autonomy over commercial trading of all secondary materials, both will develop joint actions and synergies in emerging markets outside of Europe, according to Paprec.

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