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Paper exporters appeal to Indonesia

A joint US-UK mission is in Indonesia following the imposition of tighter quality inspections of loads of scrap paper arriving at the country’s ports.

Indonesia has become a major market for exporters following the well-publicised restrictions and bans set in place by China.

According to the UK-based Let’sRecyle website, the mission, led by Simon Ellin of the Recycling Association and Robin Wiener, president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), were due to have meetings with diplomats at both the US and British embassies and Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Growing concern

There is growing concern that recovered paper which conforms to a contamination limit of as little as 0.5% is being rejected – with the required proportion varying over the past six months.

Ellin was quoted as saying: ‘We are not sure that the inspectors always know to what standard they are inspecting to. We appear to have some random failures and failing inspections costs a lot of money.’

Blockchain technology

Meanwhile, the Recycling Association believes blockchain technology can ease the trade in recyclable materials. Its Traca system, developed with Marine Transport International, has been designed to allow recycling companies to provide information to producers, recyclers, regulators and end destinations.

Transparent system needed

Ellin said: ‘We are an increasingly regulated industry, and data is the only way the wheels turn smoothly. For our members to be compliant and sustainable, we need a system that is transparent from the producer to the reprocessor. This solution can achieve that.’

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